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Posted by healthcarepage, 04/02/2018 7:18 am

The construction industry encompasses many different disciplines. It is never just a matter of stacking bricks, placing dry wall in the interior, and doing some wiring. The preparations alone for any new project require engineers, architects, construction estimators, project managers, and superintendents. Professionals and executives have a lot to accomplish before ground is broken.

Without executives and top level professionals, new construction will not break ground. There are also massive amounts of the right equipment, laborers, and materials to allocate. Security for the site, permits, and inspections have to organized and arranged as well. That all takes time, talent, and experience.

Companies Need Leaders

A company with executive vacancies will not be able to properly bid on contracts, compete in the market, or move the company forward to meet demands. Construction for housing, commercial needs, hospitals, nursing homes, and planned communities is in demand. The population is growing, aging, plagued by chronic illnesses, suffering from mental illnesses, and abusing substances. Shortages in laborers, skilled nurses, and bed spaces are currently putting healthcare in a crisis.


The demand to fill vacancies in healthcare construction careers is high. Estimators, executives, superintendents, engineers, and project managers are scarce for this area of construction. Filling these and other healthcare construction jobs requires a specialized and top ranked recruiting firm that operates nationwide. Decades of experience and insight into filling executive positions has resulted in a variety of recruiting services to accommodate the culture, goals, and immediate needs of each unique company.

Services Available

Contract staffing for temporary projects, a contingency recruitment option, retained recruitment, custom solutions, and an accelerated recruitment approach allows recruiters to locate, interview, and present candidates that will suit both current and future needs and demands. In addition to healthcare construction, recruiting is available for waste-water, oil and gas, and commercial construction as well.

Recruiters get to know how the company operates, the current business culture, preferences, and needs. The first step is to run requirements and desires through the database to determine if any candidates are ideal matches for the vacancy. Candidates are presented to clients as soon as possible so the company can continue to compete and thrive.

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